Send me two student’s names and a ♫ and I’ll tell you a song that describes their relationship.
Send me a ჵ and another student’s name who you wish I’d talk to/ talk to more often.
Send me a წ if you just don’t get me.
Send me a ♋ and another student’s name if you’d like to see us gettin’ physical.
What sin (Pride, Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, or Gluttony) suits me? Why?
“You’re so…” finish the sentence about me.
Send me two names and I’ll tell you which I’d rather sleep with.
Choose a theme song for my character and say why.
Ship me with someone and tell me WHY.
Two people are hanging from a cliff. Make me choose between them.
Send me a rumor you’ve heard about me.
Send me a name and I’ll list between 3 & 5 people I ship them with