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I bet. Besides, what other kind of entertainment can we have otherwise? 

Around here?  If you need more than the basics offered by the school, there’s almost always the risk of some kind of attack, fight, or explosion.  


So they’re actually catering to our needs? That’s a shocker.


Oh, I’m not saying SHIELD can’t be a pain in the neck, but they do take education seriously.  Classics are a part of that.

Hacking Aliens - Day 3 - Finally Finished

Darcy finally has the information Carol needs.

369 words

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Well, who knew. They actually have classics in here.


I should certainly hope so.  At least a couple of us might have had a revolt.

Hello There



Usually?  I think.  Sometimes I think they just kind of go - ‘hey, what happens if we do…’ - and then they do something crazy.


Darcy…Darcy Lewis.

I guess that’s a scientist’s work, right? Unless they already know what happens and they go ahead for the kicks. Now that would be catastrophic.


Nice to meet you, Darcy. 

*laughs*  Actually, sometimes I think they do both.  It’s never dull anyway.



Something you need help with, love?


Tony!  Can you make the days stop?  I never seem to have enough time…



You okay there Darcy?


Hey, Bruce…  I just can’t seem to keep up with all of the insanity.

Okay, I need everything to slow back down.  Too many projects at the same time…sheesh!

Sunday Drive || Darcy&Remy


"Even if it is school sponsored it let’s students relieve some of the stress. We have needed a good fight. It’s been a while." He shrugged. "I think I would’ve settled for either kind of fight by this time. Though I still need some more fighting since it didn’t end quite the way I wanted it to."

"As long as I’m not the sparring partner," she laughed.  "You’d be ridiculously disappointed.  My plan for pretty much any fight is to be in a safe room somewhere.  I am strictly hero support."  Her head tilted.  "Maybe its some other instincts bugging you.  Have you thought about using some of your reformed skills to pull a prank or two?”

I enjoy my Sunday afternoons.


I’d say that’s classified information.


Oh, there’s a yes hidden in there somewhere.  You are in big, big trouble one of these days, big brother.

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  The men in black, not the Alien chasing kind, said something along the lines of empathic elemental metamorph. I believe that counts as powers?

Definitely powers.  “Metamorph”?  That’s a form of shapeshifting, isn’t it?

Character Note

Apr. 3rd - Whom does your character live with?

She’s been roommates with Lorna for awhile now, and they’ve just picked up their third, Meggan.  She stays on campus year round unless visiting with friends as she has no intention of giving her parents the opportunity to trap her in their house.

Apr. 4th - If you were to use the speed dial function on your character’s telephone, who would answer?

Number 1 would be Uncle Red, though it basically never gets used unless she knows for certain he’s in the country and between assignments.  Number 2 is Tony.  Number 3 is Kyle.  Numbers 4-6 are Clint, Alex, & Scott.  Number 7 is Erik. Number 8 is Patsy. Number 9 is usually Emma, though that may change from time to time is they’re on the “at odds” end of the spectrum.

This Road Ain’t For Walkin’ || Rogue & Darcy




"Nah, Ah think yoah train o’ thought makes a bunch more sense right ‘bout now." Rogue gave a small laugh.  "Yeah, Ah suppose it’s interestin’ an’ all.  Ah jus’ don’t have a particularly fancy memory.  Though Ah gotta agree with the ‘gettin’ away with things part’.  It’s a lot mo’ fun callin’ someone names if they don’ know what yoah callin’ them." She winked, ever fond of being able to hide things from people in that way.  "You don’t know the half o’ it, Ah promise.  He jus’ thinks o’ me as a friend, Ah’m sure, Ah think Ah jus’ caught him a little bit on the surprised side there.  Ah dunno.  More my fault, really."

"Well, I don’t know the full situation, and tempted though I am to ask who the guy in question is, you were there, so you would have the better idea."  Darcy shrugged.  "I just don’t think you should be permanently down on yourself about it.  You made the mistake and apparently got the attempted smack back for it.  Time to go ahead and move on."  She raised her eyebrows.  "The place is full of people, so it should be easy to avoid the two in question without too much worry."




 Oh, I’m a Junior, I believe.

Makes you older than me.  I’m not a Junior until next year.  So, what brings you to Weirdsville High?  Powers, brains…etc.?